You don't have to decide right now whether you want to join or not, just come along to one of our meetings. You may come along once or twice as a guest free of charge for any non-catered event and then make your mind up. However, please make contact with one of our officers before you come along (using the "Contact Us" page).

Membership costs £15 per person per year, excluding any ad-hoc occasions you choose to attend, so it isn't expensive! Refreshments such as coffee, tea or water are served at events.

Our membership profile includes members from the length and breadth of Wales and beyond, and across a wide age range. The majority are Welsh and many are Welsh speakers, but as English is our common language, we use that for our meetings, events and for general communication.

We are proud to be a thriving Welsh Society and we hope to welcome you to one of our meetings soon.

New applicants for membership should complete an application form and hand it with the appropriate membership fee to the Society Treasurer - please click here for the form

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